Solar water heater 120lt with selective collector “Low in high”

(incluso IVA)

Solar water heater system with selective collector.Elegant design, high certified quality.

Complete solution ready for installation.


Tank Specifications:
Outer cover: metallic outer cover in grey colour
Inner tank:Steel sheet EN 10130AIDCP  3.00mm thickness.Inner tank coating made of double liquid enamel processed at 860° C (glass) according DIN4753
Heat exchanger: mantel type,of the same material and thickness of 2.00mm
Insulation:60mm thickness,of expended P.U. CFC free of high density 50kg/m³
Pressure: 6bar

Collector Specifications:
Case made of anodised electrostatically powder-painted aluminum profile for extended life.
Aluminum rear cover
EPDM rubber and silicone seal for maximum waterproof protection.
Heavy duty absorber copper tubes laser welded to the absorbing plate for instant heat transmission.
Aluminum absorbing plate 0.5mm coated with Chrome-Nikel blue selective layer.
Solar irradiation absorbance factor a≥0.95 ± 2% and reflection e≤0.5 ± 2%
Insulation with rockwool and glass fibre wool of density 80kg/m³ and 30kg/m³ accordingly, ensuring high performance and minimun heat loss.
Tempered glass front cover low iron 4mm thickness ensuring durability and high transparency factor

The system includes: corrosion protection with Mg rod – electrical element 1.5kw till 4kw – closed circuit valve 3bar – safety valve 10bar  / non return valve – accessories and transitions connectors – antifreeze


Frame: Mounting structure from hot galvanized steel 2.00mm thickness

Guarantee: written guarantee 5 years.

Solar water heater 120 lt with 2,05 m² collector
Dimensions:  A 920 mm       B 1017mm        C 1299 mm        D 520 mm