Floor Standing Boiler (Enamelled) 160L to 1000L

(incluso IVA)


Inner tank from low carbon steel double enamelled at 860° C degrees (DIN 4753)
Cathodic Protection with magnesium rod
Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 95°C

Insulation from expanded ecological (CFC free) polyurethane 60 mm thick with density 52 kg/m³ for models 160 – 500lt
Insulation from soft CFC free polyurethane (foam) 100 mm thick for the models of 800 & 1000lt
Heat Exchanger (coil) from enamelled steel-pipe (1′)
Maximum Working Pressure of the exchanger 16 bar
Maximum Working Temperature of the exchanger 130°C
External coating: from flexible coloured PVC/ fabric removable (steel outer shell on order)

In all Tanks for forced circulation systems an expansion vase, a safety valve as well as anodic protection must be installed in cold water inlet.

*Temperature of water at boiler input 80 0 C. Initial temperature of water 150 C.
End temperature of water 600 C. Connection to Boiler with 800 C and water 15/600 C [KW] [lit/h]


  • Back-up electric element with thermostat is not included. To be ordered separately at capacity required.
    (Special el. element required available in 4 KW – 1 ½”).
  • Three-phase electric resistance with thermostat 1 ½” – 6 kW or 9 kW. (Upon request)
  • Horizontal boiler could be produced after customer request.
  • Outer seal coating with pre-painted steel after customer request.